Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why take these pictures?!? I don't know!

The other day I was looking through my pictures, and I noticed something: We take a bunch of pictures with our heads in front of something cool. Case in point, this photo. Steph and I went to a marching band competition a few years ago, and took a picture of the field with our heads in the picture.

Why do we do this? My only guess is we wanted to prove we were there, and that we have heads.

Sometimes we get really creative and stand in a straight line in front of something really important. Like this waterfall in Chicago:

I mean everybody has wedding photos and they take pictures of everybody standing in a line or a of family reunion with everybody just sitting there staring at the camera. Like this original:

By the way, Steph's family is related to the Hatfields.
(they're from the west side!...and by west I mean West Virginia!

Why take pictures like this? What are we trying to remember? Standing in a line waiting for the person with 5 cameras to get a shot with everybody's eyes open? Why is this a popular idea? All we get is that glare in our eyes that doesn't allow us to focus for like 5 minutes. This is the memory we're trying to save?!?! Why not take pictures of events! or of great beauty? Instead, when I look at your photos on Facebook I'm stuck looking at a close up of your mug...