Monday, March 16, 2009

NCAA preview

This week the NCAA tournament begins. Honestly, March Madness is my favorite sporting event of the year; no other event contains the drama, pageantry, intense competition, and year-in year-out relevance as college basketball does. Every year the NCAA tourney performs. Every year its worth watching; you can’t say that about the Super Bowl; you can’t say that about the World Series; you can’t say that about college football; you can’t say that about (pick a championship). For this reason alone, many people turn on TV, print off a bracket, or talk about Cinderella. It doesn’t matter who you are, its an amazing event!

Last year there were four teams that were just better than everybody else: Kansas (the champs), Memphis, North Carolina, and UCLA. This year that’s not the case; there are a number of dominant teams, but its not as definite and clear cut as last year. All the top teams have issues and liabilities, and I think it’s a much more wide-open event as the result. The top 16, or so, teams all have a legit shot at taking home the price.

Final Four picks:
Michigan State (homer pick), UNC, Pitt, Memphis.

Champion: Pittsburg
Final score (65-57)

Why Pittsburg?
They're the toughest team in the country. They play some great defense. They rebound the ball well on the offensive side. They have a couple of freaks. Fields is a great point guard who controls games. Sam Young is a good player.

I reserve the right to change my picks before Thursday. I will note the change with an asterisk indicating that there has been an edit. THANK YOU