Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Question:

On of my favorite professors in undergrad used to make us write position papers where we were forced to "fall off the log" (to be forced to pick sides on an issue, when the solution was somewhere in the middle) on an issue. It was probably the best thing a professor has ever made me do, as I was challenged to actually think about the issues. The point of "falling off the log" is not to pick the right answer, but to fully understand the nature of the issue being talked about.

If I were to challenge you to fall off the log on the issue of salvation which way would you go? Would you veer towards the universalist side (everybody goes to heaven regardless of the way they have lived their lives)? or would you veer towards predestination (only some go to heaven, they have no choice in the matter as God picks who gets in and who burns)? What are the pros and cons of each side? Let me know!

*try and keep your answer around 100 words