Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I am a non-violent.

I was looking at my blog tags, and realized that the topic I've written about most is non-violence. I am a big believer in nonviolence, but please don't think it is totally in reaction to any wars that are in progress today. It is in reaction to something that happened a long long time ago.

I believe that as a Christian, the only responsible position to take, is to reject war. I do not think war can be in any way defined as a Christian reaction to any problem in the world. Where do I get this? My answer: Jesus. I believe that Jesus rejected violence. Thus I cannot support violence in any shape or form.

How did God respond to evil? Jesus' death on a cross, that's God's response. Jesus is God's response to injustice. Jesus is God's plan to stop evil from happening. Jesus is the pattern that Christians are to follow. Regardless of the issues my position has with Old Testament issues, Jesus leaves no room for any other position. He point-blank reject violence. His way is not the way of the sword, instead it is the way of humbling himself all the way to death if it meant going that far.

War is about power; one army over powers the other. War is about control; one nation looking to use its military strength to control another. War is about coercion; as political power players us the threat of it to get others to bend to their direction. War is about death; as thousands die as a result of the decisions a few.

Jesus was about humbling yourself. His life showed that God's kingdom is not about becoming powerful; its about laying your life down. His life was a living example of love. Jesus showed that God is not in the business of empire building, instead he's in the business of tearing down evil with the weakness. He showed that weak is the new strong. This mindset is counter-intuitive to the mindset of war, and it if for that reason I must reject war.


Sandy said...

I am processing your position on non-violence and your reasoning. I understand your statement, "His way is not the way of the sword, instead it is the way of humbling himself all the way to death if it meant going that far". I see our soldiers as that humble - especially when they know the freedom of Christ. I am honored by the sacrifice of all our soldiers and their families. I am assuming that they are fighting for freedom, and what is more powerful than that? - that one lay down his/her life for a friend? Isn't that love? The kind of love Jesus showed us?

dan said...

thanks for your comment!

I guess my question in response has two parts:

1.) in their fighting do they bring freedom? or will peace ever come through war?
2.) is my freedom worth someone else dying?

*please understand, I am not attempting disrespect those who are willing to fight and possibly die for my freedom, instead I see this as the greatest form of respect possible. Their burden is so great, it demands we ask if what they are doing is actually a good way of acting!