Thursday, January 25, 2007

A rant about the Lions...

The times are changing...I am engaged. I am moving to Kentucky. And I'm thinking about switching my loyalities from the Detroit Lions to the Chicago Bears. Now to me this is a serious thing. I have never done something like this. I have never rejected one of the teams that I have grown up with, so it's hard for me. I have many fond memories of watching the Lions (many of them involve Barry Sanders) so it's a struggle for me to break with my past.

My main problem comes with the owners the Ford family. I honestly think that they may be the worst owners in the NFL. Not only do they hire Matt Millin, but before good only Matt, they never allowed the team to make decisions. The problem with the Lions is not the fact that they are horrible, but because they have an owner that doesn't know how to own a team. At least good ole Jerry down in Dallas hires competent people.

I remember the Lions as far back as the 1991 season, that year the Lions defeated the Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs. Then got smashed in the next round by the Washington Redskins. But still they were a playoff team. Had a Hall of Fame running back. They featured an All Pro return man in Mel Grey. So they were an exciting team to watch.

Since 1991, they have 0 playoff wins. They didn't provide for their Hall of Fame running back (who by the way carried the team for like 10 years with out a good q uarterback) and he just retired. Who could blame him, the best they could do was Scott Mitchel? They wasted a draft pick on Andre Ware?

OK let's get on the draft picks. Charles Rogers (bust), Mike Williams (bust)-there's still hope but I'm not holding my breath, Joey Harrington (not a bust, but they never had a good line and he became shell shocked from getting hit on 3-step drops), the above mentioned Andre Ware. I mean even I know that if you want to build a team, don't use three consecutive picks on guys with the same position. But then again it took them three times to get a guy who sometimes makes good plays. It's like they're not even coached when they get to the NFL.

Coaching! Need I say more. Wayne Founts? I mean what's he doing now? Bobby Ross? Now Bobby did a good job, just he didn't have the guts to open up the offense. Gary Mueller? He's an old Michigan boy, so I don't want to diss him, but come on he was Bo's assistant, that's about it. Now Mariucci, I thought he'd be a good coach, but I guess he was a small minded jerk. But maybe that's ok, but his teams always looked like they'd just woke up and had watched TV all week.

TV. This is something that drives me crazy, every year they are horrible, and I'm forced to watch these guys bumble around for like 2 1/2 hours a Sunday afternoon. My dad watches them and nobody else. It's not like they're not talented enough. Because one week they'll progress in one area, and the next week digress in two different areas. What's funny is that when the announcers and commentators talk about bad teams, they're talk about Arizona but they never talk about Detroit. It's like they know there is nothing outside of a work from God that will fix the problem and they jsut ignore it.

So it is for these reasons that I am considering dumping the Detroit Lions as my NFL team. If you have any comments or objections let me know.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

seek forgiveness

Last week I watched from my living room the final moments of the vile dictator of Iraq. This man murdered many hundreds and thousands of people in his reign of terror. His deeds are nothing less than condemnable. It was a justice, when his evil reign was ended and it is justice that he be punished for what he has done wrong. But…will that ever heal the pain.

Last week I heard that Michael Jordan and his wife were getting a divorce, and she claimed that he had been unfaithful to her. Everybody would agree that justice for Mrs. Jordan would be millions of dollars. But…will that ever heal the pain.

We have all felt the pain when somebody has harmed us. And we wanted to get even. But…will that ever heal the pain?

Yes, justice is fair. Yes, we have the right to justice. But justice will never heal our pain. Seeing Sadaam executed will never heal the pain that evil has done to the people of Iraq. Justice will never make Mrs. Jordan feel better again. And getting even with a person who has wronged you will never heal your pain.

Justice never makes the world a better place. Only forgiveness does.

The message of the Bible is not “seek justice!” Instead it’s “seek forgiveness.” The Bible is the story of God forgiving man of their sin. God could have chosen to seek justice for our sins, but instead what did he do? He personally paid the penalty himself for the sins of humanity. Now He calls us to follow his lead. God puts the premium on forgiving your enemy and loving your neighbor, not pursuing justice.

How are you seeking justice instead of seeking forgiveness? Take sometime and ask yourself this question. Then if you really want to seek forgiveness, take the first step.

And may God bless you for following his lead.

Peace be with you.