Thursday, January 04, 2007

seek forgiveness

Last week I watched from my living room the final moments of the vile dictator of Iraq. This man murdered many hundreds and thousands of people in his reign of terror. His deeds are nothing less than condemnable. It was a justice, when his evil reign was ended and it is justice that he be punished for what he has done wrong. But…will that ever heal the pain.

Last week I heard that Michael Jordan and his wife were getting a divorce, and she claimed that he had been unfaithful to her. Everybody would agree that justice for Mrs. Jordan would be millions of dollars. But…will that ever heal the pain.

We have all felt the pain when somebody has harmed us. And we wanted to get even. But…will that ever heal the pain?

Yes, justice is fair. Yes, we have the right to justice. But justice will never heal our pain. Seeing Sadaam executed will never heal the pain that evil has done to the people of Iraq. Justice will never make Mrs. Jordan feel better again. And getting even with a person who has wronged you will never heal your pain.

Justice never makes the world a better place. Only forgiveness does.

The message of the Bible is not “seek justice!” Instead it’s “seek forgiveness.” The Bible is the story of God forgiving man of their sin. God could have chosen to seek justice for our sins, but instead what did he do? He personally paid the penalty himself for the sins of humanity. Now He calls us to follow his lead. God puts the premium on forgiving your enemy and loving your neighbor, not pursuing justice.

How are you seeking justice instead of seeking forgiveness? Take sometime and ask yourself this question. Then if you really want to seek forgiveness, take the first step.

And may God bless you for following his lead.

Peace be with you.