Friday, March 06, 2009

Thoughts about the Drug War in Mexico

Mexico is in the midst of a Civil War. According to CNN last year the murder rate was through the roof, and this year it looks like it's going to get worse. While the issue is a Mexican issue, the responsibility should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the US, as the drug trade is fueled by the American demand for drugs.

Chris Heuertz
of Word Made Flesh spoke in chapel last fall spoke about our lack of holiness being the source of evil in the world. His point is that when our private lives are immoral and corrupt, it spawns evil in other places. Or when we privately snort cocain in our living room, somebody in Mexico city gets shot; they are connected. Our sins result in other peoples' oppression.

We are not independent of our neighbor. We do not live lives separate from the world around us. We are all one family! We're a big global village, each impacting one another. (remember that the oil prices were in part the result of China and India now buying more oil)

Well why write about this? Because I think that the other side of the coin is true. If sin results in other people being oppressed, then holiness should result in other people being liberated. If we live the life of Jesus, it should be a good thing for Mexico. Yet, our country may be one of the worst neighbors possible for Mexico...

What do you think? How can we combat the drug traffic coming in and out of our country?