Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hilarious Video:

Let me set the scene. Kentucky has just fired Billy Clyde (their basketball coach since spring of 2007). He is hurt because he feels there are expectations that go beyond just coaching, and he wasn't judged fairly. Being the fact that this is Kentucky, every person and every media member wants to talk to him, but Billy doesn't like the media that much (one of the reasons he's getting the boot). So, after the press conference, Alan Culter, a reporter from the local NBC affiliate chases Billy through the UK practice facility.

Funny Things of note:
1. Billy never talks to the person on the other line of the phone.
2. The weird running scene with Billy talking about running with Alan.
3. The part where Billy is desperately trying to pull the door shut,
4. The commentary by the other two reporters from Louisville.

Hat tip to Inside the Hall