Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Five Blogs I read (and you should too)

Tim Founds, a M.Div Student at Fuller, is one of the deepest, most thoughtful people I know. I totally recommend following his blog. Reading his thoughts will make you a better person.

My friend Matt Leroy writes a blog, The Other Side of the Lake that plays out like a journal of his life. (at least one with all the big events and thoughts of his life). Matt's a funny guy, he raps and can break dance. Also, rumor is that he plays a mean Kazoo. But seriously, he and Justin Simmons have moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to start a movement there. They're calling it the City on a Hill Project, and their aim is to Love Chapel Hill. It's such a great concept and a great movement!

Spartansweblog has become my favorite sports blog out there. KJ, puts in tons of time and thought into breaking down the play of the Michigan State Spartans Men's Basketball Team. even if you're not a Spartans fan the way he breaks down the game will make you a better student of basketball.

The Forgotten Ways is a blog by Alan Hirsch. He wrote the book, Search for Things to come (oh yeah, Matt Leroy "borrowed" my copy...then moved to North Carolina.). He is a very good thinker, and his post are always thought provoking. Check it out!