Monday, June 30, 2008

the Today Show

Every morning I get up and watch the Today Show while Steph gets ready for her day and every morning I hear the same story. The economy is bad! Oil prices are going through the roof! Etc. etc. I’m tired of it. Let’s get serious people!

I live in reality. Reality is that people do dumb things for seemingly no reason. Like the person with no job and no income thinking that is’ ok to get buy a house. STUPID! I mean come on why do you need to get a house? I know, I know that it builds equity; but can you afford it? The answer: No! The evidence: Mortgage companies are going out of business because of the volume of people having to file bankruptcy because of bad loans.

Another stupid thing is when people buy huge cars that cost literally hundreds of dollars a week to fuel. I ran into a guy who told me he spends around $300 a week on gas! He lives 30 minutes away from work and they use their vehicle for work related travel. I did a little math, that’s 15,600 just on gas!

I think that the problem is that people are continually trying to move up. I need a bigger house. I need a nice car, that’s not too small! I need the most in-style clothing. I need to go to the coolest events and most luxurious vacation spots. Nobody is content with who they are. This is a problem of epidemic proportions.

I’m learning to be content with myself. I’m trying to be ok with the fact that I’m not the funniest and coolest. I’m trying to learn to do with less (that means eating out less). We’re trying to survive with only one car (Steph’s Saturn station wagon). I’m trying to be ok with the fact that I’m working 2 part time jobs, neither of which I really enjoy doing.

Not that I’m better than anybody else, but I think that part of the problem with the economy is when we continually try and move up and be something we’re not. I don’t know just things I think about while Matt and Meredith talk about Today’s events.