Monday, June 16, 2008

My sink is throwing up...

So we went to Indiana for the weekend because our friend Joel got married! He is now in Las Vegas with his beautiful wife playing the slots....errr watching one of the amazing shows. We were so happy for him.

It was a great weekend, but when we got back the apartment we noticed an interesting aroma. Now there is a back story here. Last week I was working and got a call from Steph saying that there was nasty black gunk in our sink and it smelled like burnt rubber. This was the smell that we encountered when we opened the door. Our sink had the hiccups!

So I went over to Maintenance and informed them of our issue. Jill, the receptionist, told me they'd get it taken care of. Steph called me at lunch and said that the maintenance guy was digging in front of our apartment trying to get it all fixed. So apparently it was something big that needed to be fixed! Yikes!!

Needless to say, our sink is done burping!

Great Story...