Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Randomness

Two points of interest that I would like to point out…

Today I learned that the state of Arkansas calls itself the ‘Natural State’ because when you think natural…usually the conversation goes back to Arkansas. This makes you think what type of process people go through when picking these cute mottos. Why is Arkansas natural?

Delaware calls itself the 1st state. This is because they were the first to ratify the constitution. Why is this so? Well because they are so small!

Did you know that two states make claims on flying? North Carolina says that it is first in flight, while Ohio claims that it is the birthplace of flight.

Abraham Lincoln’s importance is also shown as three states stake a claim on his life. Kentucky calls itself the birthplace of Lincoln. Illinois calls itself the Land of Lincoln. Indiana says that it is childhood home of Lincoln.

Michigan calls itself the Great Lake State. Minnesota says that it is Land of 10,000 Lakes. Who knew that having lakes was so cool!

Wilmore has been invaded. 75 bazillion cicadias have attacked our fair city. On trees, on the sidewalk, and in the grass for the past week or so these nasty bugs have jumped out at us. Steph and I went hiking a couple weekends ago and I noticed a ton of these guys hanging out in the woods…now they’re all over!

They don’t bite but today when I was driving home from work about 100 flew over my car like snowflakes. It’s unbelievable how they swarm. When we went to church in Lexington, we didn’t see any, but in Wilmore and Nicholasville they’re like locust.

Which brings me to my second thought…has God sent a plague against us?