Friday, July 04, 2008

In Michigan! Happy 4th err 2nd of July!

So it's 2am and I'm still awake! I just drove from Wilmore to my home in Michigan. There's nothing quite like putting 500 miles on your car in one setting! Unless it's 1500! We're going to be in Michigan for a while and then make a stop in the Fort to see family and party like it's 1776! (minus the redcoats coming to blow us away!)

Also, funny story. Stephanie's family has Sunday dinner together every Sunday night. Last Sunday night her mom, who is absolutely hilarious, made pork ribs for this dinner. Since they were pork, she seasoned them with Kosher salt in an attempt to make them a little less porky...This is my family!

I found a great top 10 list-The top 10 reasons why Men shouldn't be pastors. My friend Tom Fuerst who is a genius posted this list as a note on his facebook page, and I simply copied (I find myself stealing funny and insightful thoughts from him from time to time, so enjoy and know this didn't come from me.) and pasted it to my blog in the Fun, Sarcastic & Trivial section in the right hand margin of this page!

FYI...I heard an urban legend that says the Declaration was actually signed on July 2nd but there was a mix-up at the printer's and he mistakenly put in the 4th instead. So happy 2nd of July!