Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life in General

Summer Update
  1. working as much as possible cleaning carpets.
  2. occasionally working the switchboard at the seminary
  3. trying to find a Tigers or Cubs game to watch on TV
  4. trying to get my "summer reading list" finished
  5. helped a number of friends pack up and move away 
  6. prepping for Greek class in August and Chapel Internship
  7. we were able to go home a bunch over the past 2 months
  8. meeting new people in our building 
  9. we have the Beer Family Reunion (Steph's Grandma on her dad's side family) on the weekend of July 26-27 in Louisville
  10. the first week of August I move to doing school work full-time until May '09 when I'll hopefully graduate
Political Thoughts

Not sure who to vote for in this election yet. Kinda a toss up to me right now as I don't really like either of the candidates. They both seem to have good positions on somethings and bad positions on the other. Maybe we should put Jesus as a write in on the ballot (Steph's idea). I wonder what would happen if we really did that! 

Random Thoughts

Also, I'm trying to get more organized in my life. It seems I'm a very flighty person. Since I've been married, I've realized that I forget a bunch of things (sadly sometimes it was paying bills). My goal for this year is to become purposefully organized in all that I do. This means I have to get a calander book, use it, and remember to check it for important information. Because I'm good at usually 1-2 of those three things. So hopefully by the time I graduate I'll be proficient at being the most organized person I can be! Good Bye Type B personality!!!