Thursday, July 24, 2008

Late night carpet cleaning and new shoes

Late night carpet cleaning:
Tuesday night AD Carpet Care took a road trip south to Stanford, Ky to clean the Depot Restaurant. We finshed at the restaurant sometime around 2:15am, and I got home about an hour later.

Tonight (Thursday Night) we're cleaning the restaurant at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Lexington. We can't start there until 11pm. Which means we'll get out sometime about dawn!

This is the fab life of a carpet cleaner!

New Shoes:

I've been wanting a pair of Converse "Chucks" for a while. So Steph has been watching at Target a nice white pair for me. They were on clearence, and we were waiting until the price was perfect. Well the price finally dropped into the "we can afford that" range, so while we were out tonight we got them.
I'm pretty pumped!!

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