Thursday, February 19, 2009

missing two free throws for a good cause!

In basketball, when player not in the official score book enters the game, his team is charged a technical foul. This means their opponent is given two free throws and then possession of the ball. This rarely happens, as coaches are careful to put all the players who possibly could be playing in that official book.

Recently, this came into play as Johntell Franklin of Milwaukee Madison High School, whose mother recently had died of cancer decided last minute that he wished to play in his team's next game against Dekalb High School. Seeing he wasn't expected, his coach didn't put his name in the official book; thus when he entered the game, his team was charged a technical foul. Dave Rohlman, coach of DeKalb informed the refs that his team did not wish the foul to be called. When the refs informed the coach that they had no choice and they must call the foul, Rohlman asked his team who wanted to shoot the shots.

When senior point guard Darius McNeal volunteered for the task, Rohlman said to him, "You realize you're going to miss, right?" Darius walked to the free throw line and proceeded to roll the ball under the basket twice, in support of his opponent who had just lost his mother.

If that doesn't make you smile, what will?

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