Friday, February 06, 2009

Little Boy

You are looking at a replica of "Little Boy." Ironically, little boy was an atomic bomb that was the the most deadly device ever made. I say "ironically" because little boy is a very cute, cuddly, friendly name, but in reality this little boy was the deadliest man-made creation ever.

Why do we take such dark and evil things and give them such benign names?


the husband said...

It takes away some of that evil. Even if you know what it is, it is hard for me to image so much destruction coming from dropping "Little Boy" from the Enola Gay. Come on. It's almost like they had puppies in parachutes coming down.

dan said...

that's a good point! puppies...who besides cat-lovers would find that offensive! (and we know that cat-lovers aren't really people anyways!)