Thursday, February 12, 2009

How I think:

I’m a right-brained personality – some might call me Type-B. This does not mean that I am not organized, nor indifferent, it just means that I am not goal-oriented. I’m less driven to have a list of things to accomplish (or if I do, I’m not likely to follow the list…). What does this mean about my personality?

I’ve noticed that I need a support-structure outside of myself. If left to myself, I’d spend the entire day on the couch flipping channels, wondering where the day went. Steph is the exact opposite, her structure is internal; nobody needs to remind her of the chores that she needs to do. As much as I’ve tried to do that - to be that guy – it’s just not who I am.

The way that my life has functioned best is through routine. I very quickly establish a routine, and stick to it. I have found that when my routine gets out of order, things very quickly fall apart in my life; I miss appointments, homework is forgotten, bills go unpaid, I forget things. Literally, I end up looking and acting like my life is a complete unorganized mess; really it’s just my routine off-track.

Through trial and error, more error than trial, I think I’ve found a solution that might help me. Last semester I organized my life - or at least tried to - on a Google Calendar. I literally spend an entire afternoon writing down everything important on this calendar in detail. I found that while it was a great tool, I just did not connect with the function all the time. Translation: I didn’t check it enough.

The answer to this problem, the Google calendar links up with my e-mail account! If the problem with my calendar is that I don’t check it enough, the problem with my e-mail is that I check it way too much. (Probably 2-4 times while I’m typing this) So the answer to my routine problem is that I am going to link my schedule to my e-mail. Hopefully getting e-mails the night before should help prepare me for the next day’s schedule.

I’ll try and check back with you some point in the semester to let you know how my new system works for me.