Wednesday, February 18, 2009

death of an organization

The moment that an organization, or company, or business dies is the moment that its focus turns to on self-preservation. When the business spends more time worrying that it might die, than focusing on how it can live, the business is in the process of dying.

The best way that this can be observed is when the business starts to protect its structures as opposed to looking for the ways that its structures can become more efficient in accomplishing the goal of the organization.

Success means that organizations take risks. They look for creative ways in which their can rethink the way that they are accomplishing their goals.

This applies to the church. How often do we have programs in place that are ineffective in their goals? Church leaders in many instances have been either content with their programs failing to be successful or unwilling to put in the effort into creatively looking for new structures to replace the ones that aren’t working.

What do you think?

Resource: In Search of Excellence