Friday, January 23, 2009

A weeks worth of links

stuff white people like - a sarcastic, but not p/c blog detailing the things that white people like.

clubtrillion - Ohio State walk-on basketball player, Mark Titus, blogging about his team. He's actually a really good writer with a great sense of humor. Don't read in class, in a meeting, or with a sleeping baby as you may burst into laughter.

Civic Religion - a look at Civic religion and its place in America. This is some heavy stuff. Totally recommend reading this.

Isareli Occupied Territory on Capitol Hill - a look at the way that the US Congress has blindly sided with Israel.

Ways to Transform the US - an Innovators look at progress into a "new America"

How to write Emails - A great piece by Keith Drury on how to write an e-mail.

Leadership 101 - A great couple of paragraphs by a Bishop on what it means to be a leader

Outlawing 401k's - A fascinating look at the downside of the 401k system