Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction:

I'm not supersticious, but I am quircky. For instance every year when I played High School basketball, I'd wear the same outfit for every game. Same T-shirt under neath, same wrist bands, and same style of socks. Its a routine, that helps create a sense of luck...

I now have a routine when it comes to basketball. I received from my parents for Christmas a package of Michigan State T-shirts; a green, a white, and a grey one. Not only do I love these shirts, but they're part of my new routine. I wear the green one on game day - which tomorrow is a gameday (3.45pm CBS) - the white one if we win and the grey if we lose. Its my way of helping the team, that green shirt is good luck.

Sadly, I constantly forget to wear my green shirt! I'm horrible at this. Take last Saturday: MSU was playing Illinois and they were down (why? because i wasn't wearing my shirt.) I realized this and changed and boom! They pulled the game out. This past week I realized that I wasn't wearing the greenie (as I like to call it) and they lost the game - at home to Northwestern - that was horrible!

So tomorrow, if you see me, I'll be the one wearing the green MSU Spartans! Sparty On!!