Monday, January 05, 2009

Cats people and Dog lovers

All of the other ways that people define and separate character traits are merely subjective ideas that really do not describe people accurately. To understand the nature of people we must realize there are two types of people out there: cat lovers or dog lovers. This is the true way to understand people

Cats and dogs while both popular pets, have vastly different dispositions. A cat does not need human company –this doesn’t mean cats don’t appreciate people–just a cat can exist without it. Dogs, on the other hand, live for their humans. They cannot live without attention and affection of their masters. One needs their master, one is at best indifferent.

These two different animals require two different types of masters. A cat person is someone who wants a pet, but really doesn’t want to put an intense amount of energy or give an intense amount of attention to. Dog people usually are those who want to own an animal that they can love on. Sometimes there is cross over, a figurative switching of teams, but usually these people stay the same throughout their lives.

Dog people love relationships! They want to build many quality, long, and passionate friendships that will last forever. Cat people are independent people. They like having friends, but really it’s the freedom to do what they want that’s most important.

I am a dog person. I cannot fathom owning a pet, paying for its food, concerning myself with its health, and then have the animal act indifferently to me 90% of the time. Stephanie, my wife, is a cat person and doesn’t like the thought of having an animal who needs constant attention. She likes the idea of having an animal that it would be ok to leave behind for a day or two without worrying about it.

What about you? Are you a dog lover or a cat person?