Thursday, November 13, 2008


The United States is reportedly spending $1 Trillion per year according to Robert Higgs, on 'defense'. He reports this in an article posted last year. 

1 Trillion dollars!!! Let me show you just what that number looks like: 

And this is every year! That means in the next year we're going to spend another:

and the year after that
$1,000,000,000,000 get the point!

And we wonder why our country is in the economic situation that it is in; our government has spending an outrageous amount of money on "defense" (a.k.a. war) with no end in sight. 
  1. What would happen if we were to invest in making friends as opposed to fighting enemies? 
  2. What if we were to use this money in creative ways to help bring those in the world out of poverty? 
  3. What if we were to invest this money, as opposed to spending it on bullets and bombs that will blow up never to be used again? 
  4. What if we did anything this this money besides create a massive killing machine!!!