Wednesday, February 13, 2008

tough decisions

Steph and I are going to the IU - MSU game on Saturday. Steph's grandma gave us the tickets as a part of my Christmas present! I'm pretty pumped about it. Come to find out it just got more exciting...apparently IU coach Kelvin Sampson who was on probation for making phone calls to recruits when he should have been, broke the rules and still made phone calls. This report came out last October. Well today, a report came out that he made more inappropriate calls.So pretty much he's probably going to get fired (Adam Strauser was right!).

Here's my question. Seeing Stephanie is a big IU fan and I'm a big MSU fan, should I make a poster saying something cute like, "A House divided! I-U vs. MSU"...or should I make a poster saying, "Kelvin Called me too!"

What should I do?