Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thought's on College Basketball

Seeing as it is about that time of the year...the time where I think about two things, A. Easter and the Lenton seaon and B. Basketball. (in that order of course), I was reflecting on the NCAA tourney (for my Easter reflection check out While thinking about this, I realized that I recall from memory the NCAA champion back to the 60's maybe if i get luck the 50's!

That's a lot of useless random information that will only be useful to me if I ever become ESPN analyst. But what can I say, watching basketball is one of the ways that I cope with the long and dreary winter season. So I get plenty of time inbetween semeseters where I have nothing more urgent on my mind than College Basketball.

Here's my analysis for this year's NCAA's:

I think that there are somewhere between 5 and 12 teams that could put a run together and win it all. There is no team that is far and away better than the pack. Instead we have a top tier of teams that all are good, but none that seems to want to seperate itself.

This year has been a down year for the SEC, the ACC and the Big Ten college basketball conferences. Since 1987 these three conferences have won all but 6 of the National Championships. This year they will probably only get 11 teams combined to the tourney. The power this year comes from the Pac-10, the Big East, and the Big 12. All of whom have very deep leagues, and they should all be represented well in the 2nd weekend of the NCAA's.

I predict the Final Four to be made up of a combination of these 6 teams.

I predict the champion to be Kansas.

Thanks for reading my sure to check back in during the Final Four to grade my picks.