Monday, August 15, 2005

Thoughts from the Press Box part 12

Check me if I'm wrong, but was Jesus ever offensive to sinners? I only remember Jesus talking about forgiveness and love when he was talking to those who were lost and in sin. If I'm wrong please let me know. Honestly, I have been thinking about this issue for my own life.
I noticed when I was in New York this summer at a music festival, how many times we as Christians are very negative and emphasize the sin in people's lives. Many people were walking around with shirts that said "Abortion is homicide." or shirts with other messages that may have come off to people as offensive.

I feel that this is the reason that we as a family of God get a bad rap. I know that yes not everybody has this mentality and that many times it's a small minority of people giving the rest of us a bad name.

But lets be honest, when I'm looking at people, I expect my own morality and the standard that I have set for myself to be the best. I mentally condem people who do not hold the line that I do. So don't think that I'm saying in a judgemental way, I'm just saying that it's something I struggle with too; something I think is a cancer to Christ's church.

This isn't the complete conversation that I'm having in my head but it's all I want to write about now. I'll finish later. But if you disagree maybe leave me a line or two. Or just talk to me about it if you see me.