Thursday, January 06, 2011

gettin' ink

I think I’d like a tattoo. Stephanie is against it, but I think I’d like one.

I have been thinking about it for a number of years now, and I think I’d like a half sleeve on my right arm – to just below my elbow [I mean if you’re doing to do it, go all the way]

I’m not sure of exactly what I’d like, but perhaps I’d like the first 6 chapters of the book of Daniel depicted. Maybe I’d like a Golgotha scene with the 3 crosses. Maybe I’d like some Greek or Hebrew. These are just a few options …

So just for kicks….any suggestions?

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::athada:: said...

This is what I came home w/ last summer...

Not all the way down to the elbow... just peaking out in a t-shirt. I still like it, but I assume some time in my life I'll regret it... then come to appreciate it again :)