Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 10 Recommended Book List [Edited: 4.27.10]

1.] Velvet Elvis - Rob Bell
Standard work in dealing with being a Christian in today's world.

2.] Blue Like Jazz - Donald Miller
A wandering journey through the life of Don as he searches for faith. One of the cult classics from when I was in college.

3.] Irresistible Revolution - Shane Claiborne
A brilliant work, that reads like a journal, of the life, adventure, and musings of a guy who's a radical believer of Jesus. It will definitely blow your mind.

4.] New Kind of Christian - Brian McLaren
One of the original works dealing with the change in culture and its impact on the Church. One of the works which definitely changed the way I view the world.

5.] Change or Die - Alan Deutschman
A very interesting look at the possibility of change, even in the most difficult situations. The author looks at 3 clinical cases where change is not seen as possible, yet change does occur.

6.] Peculiar People - Rodney Clapp
A look at the church and how it engages with culture.

7.] Searching for God Knows What - Donald Miller
A book discussing the relational nature of salvation and Jesus. [It ends with a very compelling look at Romeo and Juliet.]

8.] The Search to Belong - Joseph R Myers
An intriguing look at community and relationships within the context of Church ministry. I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph, and found him to be a deep thinking person and well read person.

9.] The Politics of Jesus - John Howard Yoder
An Anabaptist look at the nature of the way as Christians we should live. This is one of the books that you'll find cited in tons of other books. If you don't read at this book, you're missing out BIG TIME!

10.] The Challenge of Jesus - NT Wright
One of the foundational looks at the life, ministry, and consequences of Jesus. I've found this cited in multiple other works. Wright is possibly one of the BEST New Testament scholars in the world. If you don't read at this book, you're missing out BIG TIME!

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