Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year! [New Year's Resolution Edt]

This year I've got a few New Year's Resolutions. 

The big one is, I'm going to attempt to go the entire month of January without eating meat. This is my big one! When I was thinking about what to do, I thought perhaps attempting to not eat meat would be a possibility. Recently, I've heard multiple sources make comments about the nature of the meat industry. These comments made me feel a little uncomfortable;  comments involving how many chemicals/anti-biotic medicines the majority of beef cattle are exposed to, the unnatural conditions that these cows live in, and the entire mindset of the business

A couple of points. I realize that any resolution that involved giving up meat would most likely only last through the first month, therefore I only gave it up for the 1st 31 days. I wanted to, at first, try a vegan diet [no animal products at all], but realized that's a pretty hardcore step. So I'm just going to try to cut meat out of my diet for 30 days.

Good luck to you, and Happy New Year!

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