Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Peter Rollin's Twitter Parable:

Peter Rollins is now on Twitter [his twitter page here]. He has recently begun Tweeting Parables 140 characters at a time. Here's his first Parable. Each paragraph is an individual tweet. Check it out!

There was once a poor and compassionate woman who lived in one of the world’s largest cities

She was a kind and tender lady who laboured tirelessly with the unloved and unwanted

She was also a skilled painter and would subsidise her work by sketching portraits of wealthy tourists in their fine robes

At night she would chat with strangers in the local tavern or relax with friends in her modest home at the edge of the city

Her life continued in this way for many years, however, on her thirtieth birthday she made an incredible discovery

She found that she had been miraculously bestowed with an astonishing gift

For no apparent reason she could now perform supernatural feats of the sort she had only heard of in the fables of old

One word from her lips could generate breathtaking wealth and a mere thought could turn her dwelling into a golden palace

People would travel thousands of miles just to sit in her presence, watch what she could do and learn from her

Soon even those in power began to take note of this miracle worker, and where awed by her immense power

Her divine gift captivated everyone she met and caused many to revere her as a god

Yet, throughout her entire life, not one person ever learned of her supernatural powers; for never once did she use them

She could have taken herself out of poverty in an instant or gained any possession in the blink of an eye

Yet she had no desire to do so for she already loved her life and saw it as already infused with overwhelming beauty

People were in awe of her because she was able to love without limit, forgive without reserve and live without fear

The rich where so poor that they longed to be in the presence of one who could live meaningfully in a world that seemed devoid of meaning.

To them she was nothing less than a living testimony that life before death was possible.

This woman’s very existence was her miracle and her example was her divine gift to humanity… The End