Monday, April 06, 2009

Why Monday, April 6th will be a really, really long day.

It was common sense that Connecticut would lose in ’99. Nobody thought Arizona had a chance in ’97. Duke was going to get crushed in ’91. Everybody thought that Villanova was dead in the water in ’85. NC State had no chance in ’83 or ‘74. People would have considered you stupid if you would have suggested that Texas Western was going to win in ’66. But in every case, the underdog produced a huge upset.

At the same time nobody gave Duke in ’90, Michigan in ’76, or Memphis State in ’73 a chance either, and for good cause, they all were soundly defeated. Duke by 30, Michigan by double digits, and Memphis State allowed Bill Walton to shoot 21 out of 22.

It is for these two separate paragraphs that I am anxious, nervous, excited, incredibly moody, and increasingly unable to focus.

Oh yeah…I've got State: 75-64.

Go Green, Go White, Go State!!

(my prediction is in honor of the 1979 National Championship, where MSU won 75-64)