Monday, August 18, 2008

Do you miss Mayberry?

So in the past few months, I've heard many references to Mayberry; once at Southland Christian Church many others from my Greek professor (Brad Johnson). As a result I've had the song "I miss Mayberry" stuck in my head for the better part of this summer. While many people miss Mayberry, I think they're misguided - Mayberry never existed. It's a myth and a bold faced lie!

Mayberry never existed. It only revealed the place we wanted the world to be. We want to think life is simple. We wanted conflict to not really exist. We all wanted to be innocent. 

Truthfully, there was never such a place.

The 1950's and early 60's should not be seen as a high time for American culture, but as a low time for honest appraisal of who we really are. Maybe the arts moving in the way that they have, is the result of people being honest about the way the world is.

What do you think?