Thursday, April 27, 2006

Does God hate sinners? (A response To

Just in case you don’t know, there are people there who proclaim that God hates sinners. They make harsh, rude, offensive statements portraying God as if he were filled with rage and making judgment the primary concern in God’s repertoire. People like Pat Robertson and the people of Westboro Baptist Church are great examples of preachers of this “Gospel.”

Pat Robertson is a classic example of a man who says things that flat out turn people away from Christ. He speaks out against homosexuals and against people who promote lifestyles different than his by using judgment language. An example of this type of action is last fall he told a community in Pennsylvania to watch their backs because God’s judgment and wrath coming in response to them voting down the schools wanting to teach creative design creation theories. What?!?! (I would just like to make a point here, creative design is not a Christian theory, it’s closer than evolution, but still it’s not Christian so Pat just needs to get his facts straight.)

The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas has a very similar reputation. Their church homepage is I say more? These people are vicious anti-homosexuals, using language like “God hates you!” Their web site has features like the listing of their 6 daily pickets of the courthouse in Topeka, and the other nationwide events that they picket at showing how God hates fags…AND anybody else who does not join the ferocity of their attacks.

In case you don’t know me and are reading this, I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but I do not believe that you can do anything to make God hate you. I do not believe that what you do changes anything about how God feels about you as a person. John 3:16 one of the most quoted verses in the Bible says. “For God so LOVED the World, that he gave his Son, that whoever believes in him shall have eternal life.

The word for world there in the Greek is kosmos. It literally means the world-everything It does not just mean the people on the earth, nor does it mean just the people who follow God, but everything! I do not know how much more broad you can get! God Loves this world! Jesus came to repair the broken relationship that man had with God. There is nothing more central to the heart of Christianity.

The word that is used for Love is John 3:16 is the word Agape. It means intense passionate pure hearted love. It is not the I love you like a brother or the physical love, but LOVE. God is not saying I like you, he is saying you’re so important to me, I am coming to save the day! You sin and disconnect from me, so I am coming to save you! Not you sin I am coming to judge you.

If you go to the next verse of John 3, verse 17, you read, “for God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.” HOW CAN ANY PERSON SAY THAT GOD HATES ANYBODY!! Doesn’t the revelation of Jesus and the work of Jesus seem to shoot that thought do the ground Another way to read that verse is to say God didn’t send his Son to judge the world but to save it.

God loves you-he loves you enough to become a man and impose upon himself all the limitations that man has, and then die a death for you, that you might be free from the problems and the wounds and the hurts of this life-he did not come because he hates you. For God so loved the world….

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This explains a ton!

One of my favorite sites is This is where I go look for the big world issues. Probably like 3-5 times a week I look to see what is going on in the world around me while I have my head buried in the sand.

I noticed an interesting interesting article today, it is talking about how men get more defensive around the time their women are fertile. Kind of an interesting research topic, how do you get this kind of information?!?!?! Anyways take a few minutes to check it out.

Does your guy ever act like this? Has a girl ever told you that you're too protective? or maybe have you ever noticed you want to rip some other guys head off? Maybe it's right....I don't know just wanted to see what you think.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Today I went to Dave Smith's house for my final exam. The final consisted of "Chicken Surprise," a green bean casserole, and the works. It was great! Quite possibly the best final ever. After we ate we sat in his living room and Dave talked to my class about a sermon he had heard before.

The title of the sermon was there is a fly in my communion. The theme of the sermon was a question: "Does the fly pollute communion, or does communion sanctify the fly?"

I guess it made me think of what the implications are for my life. Do we live like we're being polluted by the things of the world, or are we purifying them by including them in our lives.

I guess it is nothing more than just a shift in thinking. I feel that so often as Christians we shy away from “the things of this world” because we are scared that sin is more powerful than the work of Christ in us. So we run and hide and we hide the transforming power of Christ that is in us, thus depriving the world of his work.

If we believe that the power of the work of Christ is more powerful than the powers of this world, why are we scared of coming in contact with the “flies” that hover around us? Do we miss the chance to do amazing things because we do not realize the power that is in us? Do we underestimate the power of Christ?

Just some thoughts, I have two days left of college life-and then I graduate! It’s exciting and scary. I do not know where I am going or what I am going to do in a few months. So the future is big and unknown for me now, but I have to trust that God is in control and I can believe in him.

Until next time-you stay classy…

He is the Living one-And he holds the keys of death in his hand

I recently had to do an exegesis paper on the Revelation Chapter 1. I learned a bunch and I really have fallen in love with the entire book of Revelation. So this is my paper. I had to ask a question as the basis for my research, so my question was what is the message to the churches and why do they need this message.

All the information that I found points to the fact that these churches were undergoing major persecution (if the book was written in the 90’s). Emperor worship and polytheism ruled the day, and Christians were at the least bad citizens and at the worst trying to tear about the moral fiber of their culture-thus it was ok to persecute these peoples.

The belief was that if the gods were appeased then the people would be blessed, and if the emperors were pleased they would look upon their region with favor, as he had in many occasions. By the end of the first century this was one of the most prosperous regions the empire, and they did not want to endanger that. For this reason the area was highly motivated to persecute the church.

We see that when Paul brought the message of the Gospel to Ephesus that because of the temples losing money, the people were stirred to rioting. These people were dedicated to their gods and did not appreciate one bit the Christian’s message. This is the atmosphere of the region.

The imagery of Revelation 1 is two folded. The first image is the image of Christ as a sufferer. He is described as having been pierced, and the firstborn of the dead. This image of Christ shows the example that the people should follow, as Christ is not only a sufferer but also he is the first born of all sufferers. To be persecuted for Christ is following his example.

The second image is the image of Christ as glorified. This is seen later in the Chapter as John is describing what Jesus looked like. Jesus is described in powerful ways-fire in his eyes, a sword coming from his mouth, feet like burnished bronze, the keys of death in his hands. This is not a Jesus who is powerful and glorious.

This Jesus is standing amongst the candlestands the represent the churches. This Jesus is not right in the middle of his people. They are suffering and Jesus is there, powerful and mighty. He is alive and the Living One, and he is standing in the middle of his people.

The message of this chapter is to be faithful. Follow Christ’s lead, as he is standing amongst your congregation. He is the Living One, he is the slain one, and he now holds the keys of death

Thursday, April 20, 2006

and I'm spent

so today I finished my lat bit of homework for Dr Drury and i'm almost done with homeletics II. I have an exegesis paper and a couple of book reports left to do and i'll be done with my college career!! But as for tonight i am going to bed early! so in the mean time check out this link that is linked to my's about Taco Bell!

that's all i have for now...'You stay classy San Diego'

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Behold I make all things new"...what does that mean?

In the Apocalyptic Literature class that I am taking, a quote from Revelation 21 has stuck out to me. In verse 5 'The One sitting on the throne' says, "Behold, I am making all things new." How does this apply to our everyday lives? Is this being said at the end or is this for us today? Can we say that God is making all things new through the death of Christ? how can we understand a passage that seems to be as broad as everything....

I guess this is my big struggle right now, because I definatley am not new. I struggle with the same sins I was dealing with 10 years ago. I am teaching students to do things that I myself am still not victorious over, and it sucks. But God is making all things new. So why am I not new yet?

I guess the part about Revelation that we miss so often in our understanding of the text is that it is not God makes all things new or God will make things new or even God has made all things new; but God is making all things new. That means that God is in the process of making me new. The end is not God's only goal, but getting there is what is important. It's about the persistence of doing what it takes that God is concerned with.

The root of the book of Revelation is faithfullness. I think taht Revelation deals more with the concept of being faithful than it does even with the idea of victory. From the first chapter to the last, the book is a call for God's people to be faithful to his commands and to his way. Then and only then when we are faithful will we find victory.

So I guess this is what I need to think about being made new, that I am going to stumble and regress at periods of time in my life, but I need to be faithful. God is in the process of making me (along with everything else) new. When I feel like I am getting no-where maybe I need to ask where I am going; or even better if I have stopped going where I need to be heading.

What about you? Do you find it tough to be in the middle of being made new. God is using situations in your life, maybe even leading you into situations that may be tough, but on the other side you will be closer to being new. I pray that you will follow on the path of being made new.

Good Night and Good Luck-Goodbye

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm Back!!

So Lent is over and now life is back to normal. I am back to checking out blogs and I am back to eating at the fast food establishments that surround my life. I have dearly missed both-but it was good to give them up.

Over the past 40 some odd days I have had many thoughts running through my head, the biggest being of course graduation and finding a job. Because I participated in the Wesleyan Loan Grant program, I now much search for and settle with nothing less than a full time job in a Wesleyan church somewhere. My ideal job would be a student ministries position, so I have been hunting for job opportunities as they have come across my plate.

So what's next for me? Well I need to find a place to minister in, and I have to get all my coursework done. So in the next couple days and couple of weeks I have to find solutions for these situations.

That's what's up in my life, I'm glad to be back online! I'll cya around