Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the powerful king and a little baby...

(I'm trying a different style of writing, tell me if you like it, or if you think that it's too blunt or too choppy. Thanks! ~the Legend)

King Herod was a powerful King.

He was 100 times wealthier than all the people he ruled put together.

He built massive fortresses.

The temple he built for the people was an awesome feat of engineering and architecture.

His palace was on the top of a mountain. The only way up was through a tunnel in the middle.

Surely this man would be remembered as one of the most important men in the history of the country of Israel.


In a humble little village in the shadow of Herod’s palace a baby was born.

This baby was born into poverty.

This baby was born into a somewhat questionable situation.

The baby was destined to change the world; he was to be named Jesus.

Herod heard that this baby born was destined to be a great and powerful king. In an attempt to defend his power, he killed all the babies in that village.

The baby Jesus escaped and grew up to be a rabbi.

As a rabbi he began to teach about a new type of kingdom.

Jesus said that foxes (a rabbinical term for the Herods) have holes…. but the ‘son of man’ (himself) had no place to lay his head.

Who would believe that this baby would one day become the most influential person in the history of the world?

And who would believe that this powerful king would become a pimple on the face of history? Remembered not for his riches, his power, or what he built, but that he massacred the children of that little village.

What circumstances are you dealing with today in your life that nobody would believe anything good would come out of it?

Who would believe that the impossible would happen?

When you come upon a circumstance like that in your life, remember the story of a powerful king and a little baby.