Friday, October 28, 2005

Ignorance Is Bliss

I've noticed since I've been to school, just how dependent my generation is on our parents. We're used to them cleaning for us, cooking (at least what we think is) good food for us, organizing our days for us, and fighting for our rights. Pretty much we're used to getting our way without having to work hard to pay the price for our wants and desires.

I'll admit, I've done that. When I was in High School I was awful. I'd let my mom and dad do the dirty work, while I was more interested in the things I wanted to do. I don't think I was being a bad kid, it's the nature of growing up, you're not used to hard work. So my parents helped me as I went, not forcing me to grow up.

The problem is not that parents today don't let their children grow up it's that they force very few rules on them. And the rules they have aren't held and defended like they should be. Now I'm not advocating just having tons of rules, but the house should be controled by the parent. There should be morals communicated. Reasons why are important but that doesn't mean every rule must be explained; the parent is in charge not the child.

Now don't think I'm saying parents should act like Nazis or something extreme like that. What I am trying to say is that being involved with college students I see that there is a general lack of understanding how to deal with authority. Instead of accepting the rules placed on their lives, they are constantly complaining or disregarding them.

What happens is when the student comes in contact with a new rule instead of submiting to it's authority, the student sites their parents' rule. But the problem is that college students are now adults, not children, and adults can't site their parents rules when they are in another setting. "My parent's never gave me a curfew!" or "My parents would have allowed me to watch this movie!" or "I'm legal my parents don't care." (my college has a curfew, an R-rated movie policy and a policy against liquor).

This post is not saying college students need to listen to every rule and command that your authorities have without thinking them through. I'm saying that we need to be responsible adults and realize who our authority is. This is not a call for us to put our heads in the sand and not challenge the rules at all. But be aware of the rules and try and make them better, more relevant. If you disagree with a rule, don't disregard it but figure it out, try and make it better.

Acting like you're a child again and just allowing your parents to think for you is just plain ignorant. As a generation we need to grow up, we need to be responsible by thinking and acting for ourselves; myself included.