Thursday, February 10, 2005

Anorexic Christians

With the modern mdeia, we have been able to see starving children from africia and asia. It's shocking to see just how disfigured that they are, and how horrible it would be to not have enough food. America has no understanding of how poor and hungry these countries are; look at all the McDonalds that are within 30 minutes of your house. There is no lack of food, even people who we consider poor are head and shoulders above the rest of the world.

The biggest oxymoron in our Western Culture are people who are anorexic. Here these people are, in a world where they know no suffering, and they totally reject what is put before them. Because they are worried about their looks, that they're fat; that they starve themselves. They are the exact opposite of the people who are starving in 3rd world countries, if you put food infront of these starving Africians and they devour it. But with anorexic people they completely ignore the food.

Now I say these things about anorexic people not because I make fun of them, nor because I do not realize their sickness; but because I want to point out how foolish what they're doing is. To deny the body what it needs to stay healthy is nothing short of idiotic. Eventually if a person continues to starve their body this way, it completely breaks down.

This to me is almost the same way that Christians are in North America. We have so many options, so much "spiritual food" to nurish our bodies that it is almost sickening to see the rest of the worlds lack. Yet we look at all this "food" and we ignore it. We have the resources to be the strongest church in the history of the world, but we try and keep the food at arms length. There almost is a sense, that we think we'll become 'fat' and 'unattractive' that we starve ourselves.

Maybe we're not worried about becoming fat, but we think to ourselves "the food will always be there, we can get food anytime we want to. This is my problem. I attend a christian college, attend church, help out at youth group, have more Bibles than I can remember, and countless books talking about spirituality and theology. Yet one of the biggest struggles that i deal with is to actually sit down and eat.

This to me is just as even more illogical than anorexic people, at least they have a reaon (yes it's a bad reason) to starve themselves. I just am not taking time to feed myself when I know that it's what I need. HOW SENSELESS CAN I BE?!?!?

So what? Are you anorexic? Are you scared of what will happen to your life if you eat? or are you even worse, and just don't eat? Lets take some time and eat, eat alot.